Young Afghan Man Who Dreamed Of Starting Bitcoin Business Now Lives In Turkish Sewer After Taliban Took Power

This young man from Afghanistan who fled to Turkey when the Taliban took control of Kabul dreaming of starting a cryptocurrency business is now living in a sewer.

The youngster, named Muhammad Ali, whose exact age was not given managed to flee Afghanistan and enter Turkey, and he now lives in a sewer drainage tunnel in the Tatvan district in the city of Bitlis, the capital of Bitlis province in eastern Turkey.

Ali is currently sharing the drainage tunnel with 50 other immigrants from Afghanistan. He said that he has studied computer science and that he taught web building and graphic design back in Afghanistan.

An Afghan refugee, Muhammad Ali, who dreamt of building a bitcoin mining business, had to leave his country when the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan and ended up staying in a sewer with 50 others in Bitlis, Turkey in August 2021. (Newsflash)

He also said that he has a YouTube channel where he posts videos about making money online. He was also planning to start a cryptocurrency mining business.

But these dreams are now in ruins. Ali said: “I was planning a bitcoin or ethereum mining business. Suddenly everything changed and the Taliban took over all of Afghanistan. There is no internet. Without the internet, I can’t do my job there.” He said the restrictions are severe that the Taliban are not even allowingsmartphones with cameras.”

The United States have pledged to fully leave Afghanistan at the end of August. There has been a rush by British and American forces, among others, to evacuate as many people as possible before the deadline.