YOU MUST BE LION! Big Cat That Prowled City Streets Belongs To Stunning Influencer

This footage shows how a lioness prowled the streets of a suburban neighbourhood after it escaped from its influencer owner’s house.

Locals in Alvarado – in Veracruz State, Mexico – filmed the cub from their windows as it walked freely down the residential street on 25th November.

A dog walker was even filmed as he tried to catch the feline, which darted behind a car before spotting his pet and then rubbing up against the pooch.

Local media reported that the man quickly caught the big cat and then took it to a nearby house.

It transpired that the exotic pet belonged to Yessica Perez, an influencer with 621,000 followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as an “American immigration lawyer”.

The stunning blonde wrote online: “She only left for five minutes and look at the chaos caused. Well, Nala has become famous, people now want photos with her.”

Yessica claimed online that Nala is only under her care temporarily while a new, larger home is prepared for her.

She revealed that five vehicles from the public prosecutor’s office, the fire brigade, and the police turned up outside her home after locals called emergency services upon spotting the big cat on the loose.

Neither Nala nor any locals were injured in the incident, and Yessica continues to delight her social media fans with snaps of herself and her unusual pet.

One netizen wrote online: “Just like this, a lioness casually wanders the streets of a housing estate in Alvarado, Veracruz.

“Ignorant people who have wild animals in their homes. But this is fine for our governors.”

It is not clear if Yessica is keeping Nala legally.