YOU CROC MY WORLD: Man Pets Small Alligator As It Lies On His Arm And Enjoys Warm Sunshine

This footage shows a reptile enthusiast petting a three-year-old alligator as it casually lies on his arms and soaks up some sunshine.

The three-year-old American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) reportedly named Minnie can be seen enjoying 28-year-old Cass Stromeyer’s cuddles, as it sunbathes under the warm sun.

But Cass, who is a professional photographer from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, does not encourage people to own crocodilians as according to him they could be quite dangerous.

He said in an interview with Newsflash: “I do not own Minnie, she belongs at the Kliebert’s facility. I do own a ball python named Killian, though.”

The Kliebert and Son’s Gator Tours is a zoological park that places its focus on alligators, crocodiles and other wildlife, located in the city of Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

However, Cass said he developed his love for crocodilians after he visited the wildlife park Gatorland in Florida.

The 28-year-old man said in an interview with Newsflash: “I met a crocodile there named Dundee who kickstarted my love.”

In a second video shared by the 28-year-old crocodile enthusiast, he calls Dundee by his name while the croc dips in a shallow water pond in its enclosure.

It then begins approaching Cass who can be heard saying: “Hey buddy! Hi! You coming over?”

Cass, who currently lives in the city of Kissimmee, in Florida added: “I consider him my best friend, and I’ve been visiting him for a year at this point, just hanging out with him and mostly taking pictures of him.

Crocodilian enthusiast, Cass, 28, pets Minnie, a 3-year-old alligator, in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, in February 2022. Cass doesn’t own Minnie and he has stated that he does not encourage people to own crocodilians. is (@swampghostoroki/Newsflash)

“I would never get hands on and pet him, especially since I don’t work at Gatorland, though I would love to work with him there someday.”

When asked what it feels like being close to crocodilians, Cass explained: “I have always felt more comfortable around apex predators.

“Crocodilians are no different. Each animal is different, they all have their different quirks and personalities.

Picture shows Dundee, a crocodile in Gatorland Orlando, Florida, in February 2022. Cass considers Dundee to be his best friend. (@swampghostoroki/Newsflash)

“It takes time to get to know them and understand their boundaries. It’s all about respecting them.”