WPC Saves Choking Tot With Kiss Of Life As Gran Watches

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Video Credit: CEN/@PMdeGoias

This is the moment a hero policewoman gives a choking 13-day-old baby the kiss of life and resuscitates the tot in front of its emotional grandmother.

The startling scenes were recorded after the newborn tot was choking to death at its home in the city of Goianapolis in the Brazilian state of Goias.

Local media report the tot’s father Guilherme Lemos Correa called the emergency services after his 13-day-old baby son Gabriel Correa began choking at their home and Military Police officers Carla Caroline Ferreira dos Reis and Rafael Mendes de Almeida went to the scene.

Picture Credit: CEN/@PMdeGoias

Ferreira told reporters: “The child’s grandmother handed me the unconscious baby, he was very purple and wasn’t breathing. I quickly turned the child over and started giving small pats on his back to unblock his airways.

“I tried three times. I tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation three times but he didn’t respond. Then I thought about sucking from its nose. The first time some secretion came out and the second time the child started breathing again.”

In the video, the police officer can be seen trying to resuscitate the baby using mouth-to-mouth and light taps on its before the tot begins breathing again. The baby’s father can be seen crouching on the ground from the emotion of the moment.

Picture Credit: CEN/@PMdeGoias

The tot’s father says the baby was feeding when he vomited and could not breathe. He says it was a feeling of “relief” once the baby began breathing again.

They then took the tot to the Municipal Hospital of Goianapolis where he was examined and discharged. The father has confirmed that the tot is healthy and feeding again.

Hero officer Dos Reis, who has been on the force for two years, said: “Being a police officer isn’t a profession it is a vocation. For me, this was the renovation of that vocation. I saw the reason for having studied and having prepared myself to be the officer I am today.”

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