Worlds Most Handsome Arab Man Kicked Out Of Dubai For Smoking Cannabis On Insta

‘The most handsome Arab man in the world’ will be deported from Dubai for smoking a cannabis joint on Instagram Live.

Iranian model and actor Omar Borkan Al-Ghala, often presented by international media as ‘the most handsome Arab man in the world’, was attending a party when he reportedly live-streamed himself smoking a joint.

Kuwaiti lawyer Abu Talal Al-Hamrani confirmed that the decision to expel Omar was taken after the filmed incident, which was removed from Instagram Stories after the 24-hour period.

Dubai authorities evict Iraqi model Omar Borkan for smoking marijuana on Instagram live. (@omarborkan/Newsflash)

Dubai police spokesperson Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansouri also said that the Iranian model will be deported from the emirate due to his behaviour.

Al-Mansouri added that officers of the General Department for Drug Control arrested the model and influencer, who boasts 1.3 million followers on Instagram, ahead of his deportation.

Local media said Omar often presents himself as an Emirati citizen, but only has resident status.

Dubai authorities evict Iraqi model Omar Borkan for smoking marijuana on Instagram live. (@omarborkan/Newsflash)

Al-Mansouri added: “The love of rapid fame prompted him to brag about his destructive and criminal behaviour, which is the use of cannabis through one of his accounts on social networking sites, without the slightest sense of responsibility or respect for the laws. However, the General Department of Anti-Narcotics of the Dubai Police was on the lookout for him.”

It is unclear when the model will be expelled from the emirate.

Omar, born on 23rd September 1989, became famous in 2013 when it was reported that he was thrown out of Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome”, however the authorities later clarified that he was asked to leave a festival he was appearing at and not the country, and the reason was not over his looks.