Worlds Hottest Weather Girl Aces Playing With Balls

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@iamyanetgarcia

This is the moment the world’s hottest weather girl Yanet Garcia works out her bum and thighs while showing off how well she can play with balls.

The gorgeous Mexican, who presents the weather on the daytime TV show ‘Hoy’ (‘Today’), recently celebrated reaching 10 million followers on Instagram.

Since reaching the milestone, the video of her working out in the gym with a yellow ball is the first post to go viral with 1.2 million views in less than a day.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@iamyanetgarcia & CEN/@tonderarmy

In the clip, the curvy weather girl is seen bouncing a ball off the mirror as she performs squat thrusts with her back to the camera, perfectly showing off her toned bum and thighs.

Earlier this month, nearly 500,000 people viewed a video of Garcia being licked by a wolf.

In the clip, the beautiful brunette says “I love you” as the wolf licks her face and sniffs her hair.

The curvy weather girl was holidaying in the US and posted photos of her visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios in California.

It is believed that Garcia was visiting her lucky new boyfriend, former American football player Lewis Howes.

She unveiled her new beau to the world just weeks after teasing fans with a mysterious snap of a man’s hand print on her bottom.

Despite many calls to reveal the lucky chap’s identity, the 28-year-old remained tight-lipped until Howes celebrated his 36th birthday recently and Garcia posted photos of them kissing and cuddling.

Netizen ‘carlosdeanda20’ said: “Truly spectacular!”

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