World Record For Chippie Who Fried Chips For 5 Days

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A chip shop owner has broken the world record for deep-frying chips when he kept going for five days after losing 2.4 stone to shape up for the bid.

Luc Driesen, who runs the chippie ‘Friteria Estrella’ in the town of Malle in the Belgian province of Antwerp, has become the new world record holder after preparing the country’s favourite snack for a total of five days, six hours and 15 minutes.

He beat the previous world record set by fellow Belgian Daan Vernaillen from the town of Ternat by an hour and 15 minutes.

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Luc said he came up with the idea when he was thinking about the best way to celebrate his chip shop’s fifth anniversary.

He said: “I was looking on the internet when I found out about the world record.”

Luc even trained for the world record attempt and lost 2.4 stone in weight because he wanted to be in top shape.

With a live camera feed, he registered the attempt with the World Record Academy from the US who recorded and certified Vernaillen’s previous world record.

Beforehand, Luc explained: “Every hour I get a 10 minute break. If I fry chips for six hours straight, I can have a one hour break. 

“I will take half-hour power naps as it is not possible to sleep any longer. Most of the time, you also have to get changed or take a shower.”

Customers of Luc’s chip shop came out in their droves to support him during his record attempt.

Even a local radio DJ helped out by presenting a live show from the chip shop.

The DJ said: “Every night I sat with Luc to make sure he stayed awake.”

Luc said: “Two moments were rather difficult. Moments where I feared I would fall into a deep sleep, but had to keep going.

“It is a strange feeling where you want to carry on, but just cannot. Luckily, we managed to pull through.”

After clinching the record and enjoying a celebratory party, Luc got a good night’s sleep before it was business as usual at the chip shop.

Luc’s life partner Estrella, who the shop is named after, said: “It’s a great relief. It was a madhouse here the last few days. I will be happy when things are quiet again.”

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