Woman With Disorder Has 18 Dead Dogs With Some In Cages

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

Horrified animal rescuers discovered dogs that were either dead or barely alive kept in filthy cages after the relative of a hospitalised woman asked them to check on her pets.


The residence belongs to a woman who has not been named and is reported to have Noah syndrome which is a disorder that leads people to hoard large numbers of animals.

The shocking video shows the dogs both alive or rotting and dead in a house located in the town of Rociana del Condado in the Huelva province of the Andalusian autonomous community in southern Spain on Monday 21st September.

Local animal protection association ‘Salvando Peludos’ (Saving Furballs) were contacted after a family member of the women saw the extent of her collection after she asked him to give the dogs water when she suffered a fall that kept her in hospital for some time.


According to a statement by Salvando Peludos the woman has been “known for her pathology for many years” by social services.

Despite the knowledge, no steps have been taken to help the woman who continued to collect dogs leading some animal-loving neighbours to “snatch a dog away from her fully aware that it was the only way to save its life”.

A video shows how the dogs were kept in a large dim room inside filthy cages which appeared to be damaged and worn-down while one dog is seen at the back of the room, not in a cage.


The dogs are seen barking apparently scared by the presence of the person filming who continues to walk across the room.

Another video shows enclosures containing dead dogs next to the surviving animals. The bodies are in varying stages of decomposition.

In all, five living dogs were found and 18 cadavers that had been left to rot inside their cages.


The people who alerted the Salvando Peludos association took the surviving dogs to a separate residence where they are waiting for the association’s President Fernando Sanchez to help provide them with proper care.

The videos show the dogs that were saved from the house as they socialise outside their cages and allow themselves to be petted, and even play with the person filming.

Newsflash spoke to Sanchez who is planning on formally reporting the woman to the local government and to the Spanish Civil Guard.


The woman, who fed the animals “crisps, sweets and muffin” from her local shop is now reportedly living back at the residence “with the 18 bodies” and without “so much as a bed or a clean mattress to sleep on”.

Sanchez speculates some of the cadavers“may have been there for years” while others “have been there less than a month”.

The woman used to live with a brother but social services took him from the house “two years ago”.


He hopes “authorities take care of this” before this happens again and give the woman some “quality of life” who right now is “surrounded in sh*t”.

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