Woman Whose Son Died Was Then Paralysed And Dumped By Hubby Finds Happiness By Marrying Best Friends Son

A woman left paralysed in a wheelchair and then later dumped by her husband has found happiness after marrying her best friend’s son.

The woman, Yin Houping, 34, ended up confined to a wheelchair after she was hit by a tree in 2016, and she ended up being divorced from her husband three years later.

She was consoled in the difficult time by her friend and neighbour Huang Junping, 51, and they shared time together at the homes in Yichang, which is a prefecture-level city located in China’s western Hubei province.

Yin Houping, 34, who married her best friend’s son (pictured) in Yichang, China. (83605577/AsiaWire)

The two first met in 2014 shortly after Houping lost her son who was three years old and who tragically drowned. A year later she had her daughter but a year after that was paralysed in the accident.

She said; “A tree fell and pinned me in a field, breaking my spinal cord and injuring my central nervous system, and I have not been able to stand up since then.”

Her life spiralled downwards after her husband moved out shortly after the accident together with their daughter, leaving her alone.

Yin Houping, 34, who married her best friend’s son (pictured) in Yichang, China. (83605577/AsiaWire)

It was at that point that the son of her friend Zhao Yingfeng, now 30, suggested her son should take her out to try and cheer her up, and the couple really hit it off from the start.

The older neighbour said that she had always been worried that her son was a bit introverted, and felt that her friend’s outgoing nature would complement them both, and in the end, it worked out far better than she had ever hoped.

The young man had never met his neighbour before because he only left when his mother lived next door to the woman he would later marry.

Yin Houping, 34, who married her best friend’s son (pictured) in Yichang, China. (83605577/AsiaWire)

She said that she didn’t think he would stay around, saying: “I told him my paralysis means that I’m incontinent and could end up staining the sheets or my clothing at any stage. I also might never be able to have children again.”

She said she thought this would drive him away but in the end he had told her that he didn’t care whether they had children and if the sheets got dirty, he would change and wash them.

She said: “He told me it’s not a big deal.”

Yin Houping, 34, who married her best friend’s son in Yichang, China, posing with family. (AsiaWire)

The young man said that he really started to feel for her strongly after watching more than a hundred videos she recorded of things going on in her life and he fell in love with her.

In 2021 she had an accident in her wheelchair that left her confined to bed, and when he cared for her she finally accepted that they really could be a couple and live together.

And against all her fears, it was confirmed that she is now pregnant and the baby is due in two months.