Woman Stunned To Find Boa Snake In Washing Machine

A woman was given the fright of her life after discovering a metre-long boa in her washing machine.

The unnamed woman came face-to-face with the scary-looking reptile when she went to put the washing on at home in the neighbourhood of Camilo Chaves in the Brazilian municipality of Ituiutaba on 11th February.

She then called the fire brigade, who swiftly turned up on the scene and removed the boa from inside the washing machine, later releasing it back into the wild.

Corpo de Bombeiros MG/Newsflash

The fire brigade posted about the incident on Twitter, reminding residents to call their number if they ever encounter any wild animals in high-risk areas.

Luckily for the woman, boas are non-venomous, and despite it measuring one metre (3.3 feet) in length, it could have been up to four times as long.

Boas’ diet mainly consists of rodents and they famously constrict their prey to death after grabbing it with their teeth before consuming it whole.

Corpo de Bombeiros MG/Newsflash

Twitter user ‘Daniherminio’ commented: “Scary. We’re invading animals’ natural habitat more and more each day and the consequence is that they’re invading ours.”

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