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Woman Shoots And Kills Her Boyfriend After Playfully Aiming Loaded Gun At Him

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This is the shocking moment a woman playfully aims a handgun at her boyfriend apparently unaware that it is loaded and accidentally shoots him in the chest leaving him with a fatal injury.

The tragic accident was captured by a security camera inside a property in the administrative region of Taguatinga in Brazil’s Federal District on Saturday 1st May.

The video shows Ardila Alves Rodrigues, 24, pick up a gun from a table and take it out of its holster.


She apparently playfully aims it at her boyfriend, Daniel dos Santos Gomes, 26, who is seen standing in a corner of the room when he is suddenly shot.

The people in the room enter a frenzied state, immediately taking the weapon out of the hands of Rodrigues, who is seen paralysed by shock as Daniel runs across the room for aid.

The video goes on to show different people in the room trying to help Daniel after he is laid on the floor before he is eventually picked up again and taken elsewhere as the video ends.


It is believe that the woman did not realise the gun was loaded at the time.

Local sources said the victim was taken to the local Santa Marta Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from his injuries, but his exact cause of death was not reported.

Rodrigues went to a police station with a lawyer and gave her testimony. She was subsequently allowed to go free as the case is now investigated as involuntary manslaughter.


Local news site Metropoles said the owner of the gun, which was a .380 calibre pistol, had a permit for the weapon. However, the police have not discarded presenting charges against him if any form of negligence is found on his part.

The investigation is ongoing.