Woman Shares Horror Pics After Boyfriends Sick Beating

Story ByJana Tomovska, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

These are the images posted by a young woman onto social media after her boyfriend reportedly beat her and she says he allegedly had ‘fun’ while allegedly carrying out the beating.

The images were posted online by Caterina degli Esposti who reportedly lives with her boyfriend, who has not been named, in the municipality of Bastia Umbra in the central Italian province of Perugia.

Picture Credit: CEN/@caterina.degliesposti

In the images, Esposti’s eyes are swollen almost to the point of being shut and she is in a neck brace.

Her lips and mouth are bruised and one picture shows black eyes are coming through.

The woman, whose age has not been reported, wrote with the picture: “He did it while having fun.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@caterina.degliesposti

The Mayor of Bastia Umbra, Paola Lungarotti, showed her solidarity with the victim and invited anyone who was suffering to domestic abuse to the report the case to the authorities.

However, local media report Esposti is yet to report her boyfriend to the police and no investigation has so far been launched.

Reports state the boyfriend is believed to have punched and kicked the victim.

She is yet to respond to the messages of solidarity made on her post of the pictures.

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