Woman Rescued After Surviving For 140 Hours Beneath The Rubble

This is the moment a woman trapped beneath a collapsed building gets pulled from the rubble by rescuers in Turkey.

The woman, reportedly named Ceylan Hanim, was found by rescuers after being stuck for 140 hours in Hatay, one of the 10 Turkish provinces devastated by the earthquake.

In a video obtained by Newsflash from the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, emergency crews can be seen moving Ceylan out of the rubble on a makeshift carrier.

She appears to be wearing a neck brace while the rest of her is covered with a large blanket to keep warm.

The mayor of Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, Mansur Yavas, said in a short statement obtained by Newsflash: “We met Ceylan Hanim at the 140th hour. Let your hands not be troubled, heroes.”

Emergency services rescue a woman named Ceylan 140 hours after the earthquake, in Hatay, Turkey, in undated footage. Thousands of people have been left injured as a result of the earthquake. (@mansuryavas06/Newsflash)

A 7.7-magnitude and 7.6-magnitude earthquakes struck Turkey on 6th February.

As per the latest update by the Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency, 31,643 have died and more than 80,000 are injured in Turkey.

Along with the casualties in northern Syria, almost 40,000 people are confirmed dead.