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Woman On Strong Meds Dies Jumping Out Hospital Window

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Hospital officials are under fire after a 29-year-old stroke patient on heavy medication in intensive care jumped out of an upper-floor window and died.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VeraSedykh

The incident took place at the Hospital No. 25 in the city of Volgograd in the south-western Russian region of ‎Volgograd Oblast after 29-year-old Vera Sedykh underwent a craniotomy for stroke, according to local media.

The victim’s family said she was on heavy medication following the craniotomy that was carried out, according to reports.

Relatives also claimed that Sedykh kept jumping up and down on the hospital bed while under the influence of the drugs, and that doctors had to tie her down with sheets.

The victim’s twin sister Nadezhda said that she first started to feel unwell at work and was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with a stroke.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VeraSedykh

Sedykh was then transferred to another hospital to undergo surgery. Just hours after the operation, she jumped out of the hospital window in the intensive care ward, according to local media.

Nadezhda said: “Somehow Vera managed to untie herself. She first threw the mattress out of the window before jumping herself.

“If there were no staff members available to take care of her, they should have told us, we would have done it. Our entire family cannot believe what happened.”

The victim’s twin sister is so shocked that she has decided to postpone her wedding that was due to take place next week.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VeraSedykh

Nadezhda said: “We cannot believe that our beautiful Vera is no longer with is. Nobody from the hospital’s administration has apologised to us or explained the situation.”

Sadly, Sedykh leaves behind a husband and 11-year-old daughter.

Reports said that the local authorities are investigating the incident.

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