Woman Nicks 66kGBP Ring After Parents Cut Pocket Money

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Cops claim a spoiled 23-year-old whose parents stopped giving her pocket money stole a 66,000-GBP diamond ring and pawned it to finance her extravagant lifestyle.

Authorities in the city of Haining in East China’s Zhejiang Province were called to a local jeweller which reported its 3-carat diamond ring missing on 20th April.

They turned the shop over but found no trace of the accessory valued at 580,000 RMB (66,520 GBP).

An inspection of the business’s CCTV footage led investigators to their prime suspect, surnamed Shen, aged 23, who who appeared to pocket the ring while visiting the shop.

They captured her just three hours later but were shocked the learn that she no longer had the diamond ring.

Shen revealed she had sold the jewellery online for just 173,000 RMB (19,840 GBP) – less than one third of its retail price.

Investigators were able to contact the courier tasked with delivering the ring to the buyer, and they intercepted the parcel at a goods transfer station in the nearby city of Jiaxing.

The ring was retrieved and returned to the business, with Shen subsequently put under arrest for theft.

The jeweller told police that they “left down their guard” because the woman, who is from a well-off family, was a regular customer.

They let her hold the ring and even try it on, and did not realise when she walked out the front door with the jewel in her pocket.

According to Haining police, Shen said her mum and dad cut her off from their finances because she squandered too much of their money on her apparently extravagant lifestyle.

She decided to steal the pricey ring in order to fund her spending habits.

Shen remains in custody.

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