Woman, Kid Cheat Death As Brakes Fail In Week-Old Tesla

Story ByJohn FengSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

This is the woman who claims she and her child “cheated death” after the brakes on her brand-new Tesla Model 3 malfunctioned less than a week after she bought the car.

The client named only as ‘Ms Liu’, who paid 560,000 RMB (64,000 GBP) for her Deep Blue Metallic Model 3, is now locked in talks with Tesla Motors in Shenzhen City in South China’s Guangdong Province. 

She said: “When I test-drove my car during collection on 26th March, I noticed a problem with the brakes.

“I asked why [the brakes] would push back up. They told me it was normal and that I should drive it normally.

“The next day while on the road with my child, I noticed a delay in the brakes.

“The same night I tried to charge my car. I tried the entire row of charging stations, but none would charge my car.”

Tesla Shenzhen took Ms Liu’s car in for inspections and have diagnosed faults in both the brakes and her batteries, both of which need replacing despite her having driven it for less than a week. 

Ms Liu said she felt like she and her child had “cheated death”.

She sad: “What I want is a replacement, because who knows if the brake problems will play up again?

“Tesla tells me they can give me a portable charger and one free maintenance, and that they can only fix the problems in my car.”

Tesla Shenzhen says Ms Liu’s case is not serious enough to warrant a replacement.

The two parties are still negotiating.

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