Woman In Maserati BMW Fireball Was Fleeing Hit-And-Run

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire (archive)

Police claim a drink driver woman who crashed a Maserati into a stopped BMW – causing a fire that killed two passengers – was escaping a hit-and-run in her dad’s car after clipping eight vehicles.

This information was released by authorities in Yongcheng City in Central China’s Henan Province on 6th July after confirming the driver as an unemployed recent university graduate surnamed Tan, 23.

Tan and her friends, Liu and Zhang, 24 and 21, had been out for a night of heavy drinking, and she was attempting to drive home in her dad’s car when she clipped a row of eight parked cars in a side street late on 3rd July.

Footage showed Tan reversing and then attempting to scrape her way out of the alleyway as witnesses filmed her in the Maserati SUV at 10:40pm local time.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire (archive)

Just two minutes later, CCTV cameras captured the moment Tan slammed her dad’s Maserati into the back of the stopped BMW at the junction of the East Outer Ring Road and Yongxing Street

The BMW saloon, driven by Wang, 31, bursts into flames and Tan’s wrecked Maserati rolls to the side of the road.

Her female passenger, Zhang, can be seen climbing out of the Maserati as witnesses gather around to film the burning saloon.

The authorities said Wang survived the crash, but his two male passengers Ge and Jia, 44 and 43, were killed in the collision and subsequent fire.

Wang suffered second-degree burns and remains in intensive care.

Tan and her passengers are also in intensive care and it is unclear whether they have given their official statements to the police.

Tan suffered a ruptured liver and a chest fracture. Her male passenger, Liu, is recovering from an injured lung, while Zhang has ascites.

The trio, who were officially detained for endangering public safety, have yet to be issued further charges while in hospital.

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