Woman Gets Revenge On Peeping Tom Lurking In Toilets

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a woman turns the tables on a peeping Tom by filming the pervert as he tries to snap photos under the cubicle door in women’s toilets.

The incident was filmed in the Wanbao shopping centre in the city of Fuzhou in the south/eastern Chinese province of Fujian and posted on social media.

In the clip, a middle-aged man is seen lurking outside the toilet through the reflection in the mirror.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

He readies his phone before creeping into the women’s toilets and crouching down, apparently to take snaps under the cubicle doors.

In the next scene, an angry woman confronts the alleged peeping Tom. 

According to the unnamed woman, the middle-aged man had been following her around the shopping centre for a while.

She felt intimidated so she stayed alter in the toilet and decided to film from over the top of the cubicle door.

The outraged woman then went out and caught the culprit red-handed.

She shouted for security guards to come to her aid and they then called the police.

The unrepentant man told them: “I will just wait here.”

According to local media, the police arrived and was then shown the woman’s video.

The footage was enough for them to arrest the suspect and he was processed at a local police station.

The investigation is ongoing.

Buli Liang

I am a freelance stringer and journalist based in China.

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