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Woman Flattened By Large Metal Billboard During Typhoon

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This is the shocking moment a large metal billboard falls on a woman and flattens her during a typhoon.

The incident was filmed in the district of Putuo in the Chinese city of Shanghai at around 9am on 13th September.

In the video, the large sign is seen moving from the side of the pavement towards a hurrying pedestrian holding an umbrella.

As the woman quickens her step to get out of the way of the towering sign, it topples over and apparently hits her head, forcing her to the ground.

The victim is seen lying motionless on the pavement with the sign weighing down on her bottom half before a group of residents lifts the billboard off her.

According to the news site Sina, the woman, name not reported, was walking past a Starbucks when she was hit by a metal billboard positioned outside.

With Typhoon Chanthu sweeping across China’s east coast, Shanghai was battered by heavy rain and winds and the billboard was blown across the pavement by a strong gust.

A group of around 10 passersby lifted the large metal sign off the flattened woman and she was taken to a nearby hospital.

According to Sina, the victim did not suffer any life-threatening injuries in the incident.

The police said the billboard, positioned on rollers, was blown across the pavement by a strong gust of wind.

However, it is unclear if the sign’s owners are being investigated for leaving it out during the typhoon.

Michael Leidig

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