Woman Finds Dozens Of Live Chicks Dumped In Wheelie Bin

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Video Credit: CEN/@diunisa

This is the shocking moment a passerby finds a large number of live chirping chicks she says were dumped in a wheelie bin to die.

The incident took place in Kielpino in the northern Polish region of Pomeranian Voivodeship when the female resident was out walking her dog.

The footage has since been uploaded to Facebook by netizen ‘Inge Borg’ where it has been viewed 32,000 times.

In the clip, the woman opens the lid to a wheelie bin where live chicks can be seen among the rubbish.

According to local media, the woman heard the chicks chirping as she was walking past with her dog.

She then filmed the scenes before reporting the matter to the police and to a local animal rights group.

Borg said on social media: “We want to save living animals, but we can’t. Humane killing is understandable, but here they were thrown unceremoniously into the rubbish to die in agony. Why? I have no words to describe how someone could do this.”

Meanwhile, a local poultry farm has called the incident a mistake due to a broken disposal machine and said they will investigate what happened.

The cops have confirmed that they are also looking into the incident as well as the District Veterinary Inspectorate.

The probe continues.

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Picture Credit: CEN/@diunisa

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