Woman Claims Jesus Christ Brought Her Back From Dead

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A woman who tried to kill herself has claimed that she bumped into Jesus Christ on the ‘other side’ and that he convinced her to return to “follow in his footsteps”.

The alleged miracle happened at the Doctor Alejandro Cabral Hospital in the city of San Juan de la Maguana in the province of San Juan in the Dominican Republic.

Maria Altagracia Mercedes Suero told local media that she ingested a poisonous insecticide called Aldrin after feeling depressed and alone.

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She was taken to hospital with strong stomach pains and she told local media: “My chest was burning and stomach was destroying my soul inside. I started foaming at the mouth and I was taken to hospital where blood started pouring from my nose and mouth.”

Mercedes Suero said that she passed out in that moment and the doctors soon left her in the corridor, presuming she had died because “all the monitoring machines had stopped”.

In that moment, she said that she encountered Jesus Christ who convinced her to continue living.

Picture Credit:CEN

She said: “I saw his beautiful face, with his long hair over his shoulders, and I thought he must be Jesus.

“He told me that he forgives me, but I had to come back and follow in his footsteps.”

According to local media, the woman spent six days in a coma and the suicide attempt left her with permanent organ damage.

However, doctors said that her heart never stopped in all that time.

Doctor Noris Cedeno told TV channel ‘Al Rojo Vivo’: “We received a patient with breathing difficulties and tachycardia, she was very nervous and she suffered severe convulsions. She was helped, treated and then stabilised.”

Mercedes Suero believes that she came back to life to spread the word of Jesus, adding that her suicide attempt was a mistake.

She said: “Jesus Christ is the truth, he only wants people to follow in his footsteps. I invite everybody who wants to come with me to preach the word of Jesus.

“Everybody who feels desperate should bend the knee and ask the Lord to protect them.”

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