Woman Bashed Over The Head By Park Barrier

Story By: Anastasia Tsougka, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a woman driver is hit over the head by a barrier in an underground car park.

It shows the woman getting hit by the barrier after following a car which has just passed through at the Wiler Parkhaus, which is located in the city of Wil in the canton of St Gallen, in north-eastern Switzerland.

The woman had earlier been helping the car driver through the parking barrier with the vehicle obviously stuck between a parking terminal and the exit barrier.

After the car is through, the woman follows it while the barrier is still open.

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Picture Credits: CEN

But as she moves towards the vehicle the barrier is suddenly seen coming down, giving her a strong blow on the head which throws her to the ground.

On the footage, the person who is filming who was an employee of the car park can be hear chuckling, although he did then go over to help the woman. 

As reported by German newspaper Blick, the victim suffered only minor injuries. 

She also explained that the vehicle belonged to her daughter and that she was not used to driving it. 

Blick also reported that the person who filmed and shared the video on social media is currently facing dismissal as his employer was very unhappy with his actions. 

The underground car parking operator, Thomas Wipf, said that the filming of the incident and its publication”is a flagrant violation of staff rules”, stressing that “it is strictly forbidden to transmit video data to third parties.”

Anastasia Tsougka

I am a journalist working for Central European News

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