Woman Attacks Man For Molesting Her On Train

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a woman angrily attacks a man for molesting her in a crowded tube train.

An eyewitness with a smartphone filmed the incident on the Metro rail service in the Mexican capital of Mexico City.

The 57-year-old woman is seen grabbing her alleged harasser with one hand and repeatedly punching and slapping him with the other.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

Other passengers look on in the crowded carriage as she accuses him of taking advantage of the conditions to touch her up and rub himself up against her.

The frightened looking man, who can be seen covering his head with his hands to ward off the woman’s blows, denies the allegations and tells her: “I didn’t do anything, lady!”

But the woman carries on with her attack, filming the man with her phone and threatening to call her husband to give him a real beating.

And she asks other passengers to call the police to arrest the man whose trousers have split wide open during the attack.

Police officers are eventually seen going into the carriage to lead the man off the train, as his alleged victim follows.

The Ministry of Public Safety later confirmed the 51-year-old man had been arrested. It is not reported whether he has been charged.

A campaign was launched earlier this year to protect women on the Mexico City Metro following social media concern over unwanted sexual attention.

Ana Lacasa

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