Woman Angered After Parents Fried And Ate Two Of Her Pet Koi Fish After Power Outage Stopped Water Flow In Tank

A woman from Malaysia has been outraged after her parents fried and ate two of her pet Koi fish following a power outage stopped the water flow in their aquarium.


The angered woman identified as Nadia Nazir took to Twitter and shared the bizarre image showing the two fish – considered one of the most expensive on the market – cooked and plated on her parent’s dining table.

The image shows two fish cut into halves at the belly and served on a plate, after Nadia’s parents fried them till crispy following a power outage in their home on Thursday, 2nd March 2023.

They reportedly decided to do cook their pets, after the power cut prevented the water pump from working and stopped the water flow in the aquarium.

Nadia said in the Twitter post: “There was a power trip at home and papa’s water pump stopped working for awhile.

“Two of his Koi fish died as a result and then he sent this photo.


She then continued explaining in the comments section that her parents reportedly didn’t want the fish to go to waste, and decided to make a meal out of them.

Nadia said: “What’s weird is that she didn’t want to clean the fish because she felt bad, but frying them and eating them was okay.

“Sometimes I question parents’ behaviour.”

She then added: “Mama says the flesh was sweet. Slightly on the bony side but overall she gives it a thumbs up.”

Nadia’s post triggered many Twitter users to express their opinion with some of them criticising her parents’ action, and others sharing their experience with eating Koi fish.

Twitter user ‘mycire’ said: “I once fried my two palm sized bacul fish for dinner because it’s aggressive towards other tank mates and it bit my hand.

“Yup. Bite the hands that feed will get itself as feed.”

A second user named ‘//SanjaySubramaniam’ added: “Once, my dad was cleaning the freezer and he saw something embedded in the back covered in ice.

“He had to chisel it out only to find a fossilised siakap dating back from god knows when.

“As he was about to throw the ‘relic’ mom ran across to the kitchen yelling ‘I will cook it now’.”

Then user ‘I.D.’ commented: “They’re basically the colourful version of common carp, one of the most historically important fish to ever be cultured by humans. So yeah, he can do that.”

Koi which are a coloured variety of the Amur carp (Cyprinus rubrofuscus) are reportedly kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

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