Woman, 20, Stabbed Through Private Parts And Bum With Bamboo Stick By Ex For Social Media Chat With Other Men

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

A jealous man has reportedly confessed to killing his 20-year-old former girlfriend after stabbing her through her private parts and out of her bum with a bamboo stick after allegedly finding her chatting with other men on social media.

The incident took place near the banks of Cimalaka River in the district of Garut in the Indonesian province of West Java on 2nd February.

The dead body of Weni Tania, 20, was discovered three days later on 5th February by a resident crossing the river who noticed a strong odour in the area.

Weni Tania/Newsflash

The police were immediately called to the scene where they encountered Tania’s body with a 60-centimetre bamboo stick coming from her rear.

The police identified Tania’s 21-year-old ex-boyfriend Denny H., also known as Japra, as the main suspect in the murder and he was arrested on Sunday.

He later confessed to killing the young woman due to jealousy when seeing her chat with other men on social media. He also tried to claim he had caught her cheating and said that when she then wanted to end the relationship, he had killed her.


Japra said he strangled his ex until she lost consciousness, he then ripped her pants and stabbed her genitals with a bamboo stick before he pushed her over a 10-metre high cliff and left her for dead, according to local media.

He stabbed Tania with such a force that the bamboo penetrated from her genitals through to her bum, according to Garut Police Chief Akbp Adi Benny Cahyono.

Japra was charged with murder and is facing up to 15 years in prison.


Tania’s body was buried in the public cemetery of Central Ciloa Village on Saturday.

Her family described her as a quiet and independent woman who lived alone and rarely asked anyone for anything.

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