Witch Doctor Ordered Man To Beat ‘Possessed’ Wife With Rolling Pin

A self-styled witch doctor and a man who beat his wife 100 times with a rolling pin in a DIY exorcism have been jailed for 10 years.

Ozge Nur Tekin, 30, died after an exorcism ritual in Ankara, Turkey, on 8th March 2021. (Newsflash)

Victim Ozge Nur Tekin, 30, died after she was clubbed 100 times to expel ‘evil’ spirits in a beating that left her black with bruises.

Following the beating, severely injured Ozge underwent a cupping ‘treatment’ where hot cups are placed on the back to ease pain.

A court in Turkey heard how her husband Selcuk Tekin had consulted an ‘exorcist’ named as Erdal Kaya, who had told him to carry out the beating.

Ozge collapsed the following morning and was taken to the Oncology Training and Research Hospital in the Yenimahalle district of the Turkish capital Ankara on 8th March 2021.

Horrified medics found bruises and cuts on her back and arms and called the police, prosecutors told the Ankara 1st Heavy Penal Court.

A forensic report confirmed that the victim had died of internal bleeding caused by “soft tissue trauma”.

Investigators found that the victim died following a ritual to exorcise a ‘jinn’, or evil spirit, from her body.

Hatun Efe, the mother of Ozge Nur Tekin, 30, who died after an exorcism ritual in Ankara, Turkey, on 8th March 2021. (Newsflash)

Accused Tekin said his wife had been suffering from psychological problems and that relatives told him she might be “harmed by a jinn”.

The court heard how he sought out exorcism expert Kaya.

Tekin said: “The guy told me to sacrifice an animal and later hit her back lightly 100 times with a stick.

“He also instructed me to get her to undergo cupping therapy.”

Self-styled healer Sevim Ozbas told the court: “At the insistence of an acquaintance, I went to the house of this family, whom I had never seen before, to do the cupping.

“There was a woman lying face down on the ground. When she took off her clothes for the cupping, I saw that the woman’s back and arms were all black.

“After the cupping, the woman relaxed a little. They dropped me off at my house again. I have nothing to do with her death.”

Erdal Kaya, the so-called exorcist, who allegedly instructed Selcuk Tekin to hit his wife Ozge Nur Tekin’s back a hundred times with a stick, which resulted in her death in Ankara, Turkey, on 8th March 2021. (Newsflash)

Astonishingly, Ozge’s mother Hatun Efe watched the beating and did nothing the stop it.

She told the court: “My son-in-law Selcuk Tekin hit my daughter with a rolling pin. I was in the kitchen at that time.

“After I saw her, my daughter told me that she let them do it. She said she would ask for my help if she needed it.

“That night I stayed with my daughter. She did not have any issues at all.”

Tekin and Kaya were both jailed for a minimum of 10 and a half years for deliberately causing death by injury.

Ozge’s mother, her father Cermal Ege, her mother-in-law Zohre Tekin and Ozbas were acquitted of involvement in her death.

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