Wild Boar Runs Rings Round Cops In Central Madrid

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash


This is the moment a wild boar runs rings around a group of Spanish cops trying to catch it after it was spotted in central Madrid.

The wild animal was seen in the Spanish capital of Madrid in the university area called ‘Ciudad Universitaria’ (University City) near the Complutense University Medicine and Pharmacy faculties on Tuesday 14th April.

The video shows the moment several government workers and police officers stand in a line near a small monument surrounding the wild boar as university buildings pin the animal from behind.

The person filming the scene is heard saying: “He’s really scared” before the animal tries to run past them but turns around from the yells and loud noises made by the uniformed men and women.


The boar runs in the other direction as the man filming says “now he’s leaving, now he’s leaving” as it runs past police and sprints across the road into a green area.

Another video shows a clear view of the wild boar. Authorities try to move the animal in their desired direction as an officer spreads his arms to keep it from escaping.

It is unclear if the animal was caught or managed to make it back to nature on its own.

The incident comes after two wild boar were filmed in Madrid just two days earlier.

One video shows a boar walking next to a roundabout. The person filming is heard saying “a wild boar in the centre of Madrid. I cannot believe it. Hello?”

Another clip shows a boar appearing from between two parked cars before running down a street and past the vehicle it is being filmed from.

Spain has been in lockdown since 14th March forcing people to stay inside their homes leading to animal sightings in several cities across the country.

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, there have been 182,816 cases of COVID-19 and 19,130 deaths in Spain.

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