Wife Fakes Pregnancy, Kidnapping To Stop Hubby Cheating

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This woman is being investigated by cops after allegedly faking her own pregnancy and kidnapping in an attempt to keep her husband who she thought might leave her for his ex.

Sandra Sepulveda, 40, has been accused of faking her pregnancy own kidnapping after she went missing from the hospital San Martin in the city of La Plata in the province of Buenos Aires in north-eastern Argentina.

Picture Credit: CEN

According to local media, Sepulveda’s husband Sebastian Paz Martinez reported the disappearance of his wife when they went to the hospital because she was going to have a Caesarean section. Local media report the woman went missing after she had gone into a hospital toilet.

Sebastian Paz Martinez told TV channel TN: “She told me she needed to go to the toilet and I said I was going to smoke a cigarette then she called me asking for help saying she was being kidnapped and the phone rang off.

“I asked for help from the security guards and we watched the security videos together but we did not see anything. There are no security cameras in the maternity area or in the ambulance exit.”

Picture Credit: CEN

Reports said that local authorities were called and her husband even appeared on local TV asking for help finding her. The authorities eventually traced the woman’s mobile phone and found her at her aunt’s house in the evening.

The woman reportedly confessed this week that she had done anything because she was afraid of losing her husband who was still in contact with an ex-partner.

Sepulveda told local media: “I did not want to lose my husband or what we have built together, I never wanted to hurt or disrespect anybody, we are paying a lot for what happened, everybody insults my husband.”

She added: “The lie got out of control. I did not know what to do and I did not measure the consequences.”

Prosecutor Marcelo Romero has now accused both of the couple of reporting a false kidnapping and giving false testimony.

Romero told local media: “Unfortunately the State spent a lot in the search of a person who was never missing but in a relative’s house.”

He added: “We are investigating and then we will decide if we charge them. She did not report the kidnapping so I do not think I can charge her for that. As to the husband, I need to establish if he knew that everything was false or not”

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