Wife Buries Husband With His Pet Snake Still Alive That Killed Him By Biting Him On Tongue

This is the moment a woman buries her dead husband with the pet snake that allegedly killed him by biting him on the tongue when he attempted to put the snake in his mouth.

The man may have not been too worried about the foolish stunt as the snake was reportedly a non-venomous python (Pythonidae).

However, medics warn that even a non-venomous snake can cause serious injuries as the bite can cause an allergic reaction or infection with symptoms including swelling, pain, convulsions, nausea and even paralysis.


In the footage, which is believed to have been captured in Ghana, a wife can be seen dancing and chanting with the pet snake around her neck beside her husband’s coffin.

Before closing the casket, she removes the python from around her neck and places it while still alive on top of her husband’s dead body.

The local news outlet Ghgossip reports that the woman, who was not named, decided to bury the snake alive with her husband although it was not revealed if this was because it killed him.


Many Ghanaians consider it a tradition to bury dead family members with important possessions such as jewellery and money.

The woman’s husband was reportedly very fond of his pet snake and as a result, it qualified as one of his most valuable possessions.

The footage of the burial was uploaded to Instagram where several Netizens expressed their anger at how the snake was being treated, as it was the man that had put the snake in his mouth which apparently provoked the bite.


‘yaa_gha’ commented: “This is animal cruelty. How can you bury a snake alive?”

‘bby__naa’ also expressed concern for the animal stating: “This snake is being abused. Animals also have rights.”