WHITE DEATH: Avalanche Rushes Down Himalayan Mountainside

This footage shows a terrifying avalanche rushing down the mountainside on a beautiful sunny day in the Himalayas.

Newsflash obtained the footage from Nelson Ghalan, a young law student from Nepal.

Nelson told Newsflash in an interview that the breathtaking video was taken in Manang District, which is situated in Gandaki Province, Nepal.

He said he likes to travel and especially loves trekking all around the stunning mountainous places found all over his country.

Manang is considered a popular destination in the country for and is quite famous for its food and beautiful nature.

Picture shows an avalanche in Manang, Nepal, on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022. Avalanches can happen in any mountain range that has an enduring snowpack. (@nelson_ghalan_official/Newsflash)

It often makes foreign tourists’ ‘must-visit’ lists, especially if they are visiting Nepal.

Manang is a beautiful place with lots of natural attractions, surrounded by high peaks and idyllic village scenery.

But if not careful, it can also be quite dangerous for those not wary of its treacherous potential to turn a fun mountain tour into a deadly experience.

Nelson’s video bears proof of one scary possibility – as the gigantic snow mound comes rumbling down and endangering everything in its path.