WHAT THE KEL? Star’s Hair Braids Fondled In Coffee Shop

This is the hairy moment two strangers fondle music megastar Kelis’s braids as she takes a break from performing to relax in a Singapore coffee shop with a friend.

The music legend is clearly shocked as two women pop up behind her and begin stroking her locks.

Kelis was visiting the city-state to perform in the 2022 Mandala Weekender Concert which took place during Formula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.

Two women touch Kelis’s braids in Singapore, undated. It appears that the women touched her hair without consent. (@kelis/CEN)

The women – who appear to be speaking Chinese Mandarin – cannot keep their hands off the singer’s locks even though it is uncertain whether they know who she is.

Video footage of the weird encounter – apparently filmed by one of Kelis’s pals – was uploaded onto the star’s Instagram account on 22nd October.

American singer Kelis poses in undated photo. Her braids were touched by two women in Singapore. (@kelis/CEN)

Kelis is clearly uncomfortable as her eyes widen in shock as the two women carry on with their examination of her hair.

One of the women – dressed in yellow – asks her friend if she thought the singer’s hair was real before the singer’s coffee companion encourages her to “embrace” the moment.

Kelis replies jokingly: “Oh I like to be touched.”

And when the singer touches the hair of one of the girls, she seems to pull at it as if to show the star it is real.

The post, entitled ‘I don’t even know what to say here’ received nearly 33 thousand likes and over 4,330 comments.

American singer Kelis poses in undated photo. Her braids were touched by two women in Singapore. (@kelis/CEN)

One netizen replied: “Waaay more tolerant than me lol!

“This is just insane, like no.”

A second user responded: “Different cultures, but you need to let them know ya can’t touch a black girl’s hair.”

The 2001 BRIT Award for Best International Breakthrough Act winner, who is also a professionally trained chef, responded to a few of her followers’ reactions in the comments section.

She wrote: “First, I was caught off-guard.

“Second, they were enamoured, as they should be.”

She added: “I don’t like being touched and if we were in the [United] States or Europe, my reaction would have been different.”