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Well-Heeled UAE Royal Yacht Group Skip 45K Bar Bill

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN 

A champagne-quaffing group aboard the UAE’s royal yacht reportedly tried to do a runner on a bar tab of nearly 45,000 GBP while visiting Dubrovnik.

One of the group’s entourage was detained by local cops until the costly bar bill was paid in full, according to local media.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The incident took place at the plush Culture Club Revelin in the city of Dubrovnik, famously used as King’s Landing in the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’, in the southern Croatian county of Dubrovnik-Neretva.

According to local media, the group of Arabs rocked into Dubrovnik on board the superyacht Yas, which belongs to Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, an Emirati politician and royalty.

Reports said that the yacht is often used by the sheikh’s son Mohammed, although it is unclear whether he was among the revellers who visited the city’s plush nightspot Culture Club Revelin.

At the club, members of the entourage reportedly quaffed Dom Perignon, Chivas Regal, Louis Roederer, Grey Goose and Armand de Brignac, among others.

At the end of the night, their bill totalled 50,000 EUR (44,425 GBP) and the person responsible for covering the costs, who has not been named, told staff he would not pay, according to local media.

The police were called and the individual was reportedly detained until the bill was paid in full.

Between the group, the expensive bar tab was eventually covered.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The UAE Embassy in the Serbian capital Belgrade were quoted in local media as claiming that the story is untrue and saying that the sheikh’s son was not in Dubrovnik at the time.

The Yas is a private superyacht measuring 141 metres (463 feet) making it one of the world’s largest motor yachts.

Angjela Trajkovska

I am a journalist and subeditor working for Central European News.