Weight Loss Candidate Is New Man After Shedding 158kg

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A 36-year-old says he is a new man after he managed to lose 158 kilogrammes (348 lb) after deciding to eat healthy and have a gastric bypass.

Pablo Bragale, 36, started his fight against obesity after realising he had reached 240 kilogrammes (529 lb) on the scales.

Reports said that he made a drastic change in his diet and in 2017 he was cast for the reality show ‘Cuestion de peso’ (Weight issues) on the Argentinian TV channel Net TV.


Bragale wrote on social media: “I remember I arrived at the studio and sat on a chair. Nobody would sit next to me as if it was contagious. I filed the application and I waited sitting there.”

He said the appearance on the show was a wake up call, and the former contestant weights now 82 kilogrammes (181 lb) which he said has changed his life and boosted his self-esteem.

Bragale told local media: “I started to talk and interact more. I became more social. I started to go out dancing, my self-esteem improved. I felt confident again.


“I did not go out in the past because people looked at me and public facilities were often not suitable. Chairs are small, the toilets are small. I would not take pictures of myself, I do it now. I would only wear black, now I wear colours.”

His determination to lose weight came after years of obesity and being bullied at school for his condition.

Bragale said: “The first day I weighed myself the scale tipped 207 kilogrammes (456 lb). I called my father and I said I am a Peugeot because I weight 207 kg.


“When you suffer from obesity not only do you gain weight, you have problems with hygiene, strange smells, excessive sweating and children bully you. I was fighting against something that I did not know was a disease.”

But he says that the health service is not ready to tackle obesity as a health issue in Argentina.

He said: “As soon as you have 5 (11 lb) or 10 (22 lb) extra kilogrammes you start having problems. Your blood test results might be good but you can still have your knees weaken and problems to breathe.”

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