Wedding Beggars Block Couple Cars And Demand Cash

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a gang of beggars blocking wedding couples and their pals as they travel to and from their big day and demanding cash from the newly weds.

The bizarre extortion technique was reportedly very successful, with the trio of middle-aged and elderly well-wishers receiving payment from five different wedding parties in just one hour.

Traffic camera footage from the county of Changxing in East China’s Zhejiang Province shows the three men surnamed Ma, Liu and Li – aged 64, 51 and 69 – making a beeline for one wedding motorcade as soon as they stop at the lights.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The group stand in front of the leading vehicle while also approaching the driver’s and passenger-side window to beg for money.

Drivers who reported being harassed by the group said the men repeatedly uttered phrases such as “congratulations”, asking the newlyweds to “share the happiness”.

In the video, one motorist can be seen trying to drive away after giving a beggar some cash, but the well-wisher successfully asks for more money before allowing the motorcade to move on.

Changxing police received reports of the harassment and detained the trio shortly after.

Officers said they operated exclusively at the junction of Changhai Road and Jinling Road – and extorted five motorcades in one hour on 25th May.

The group were detained for four days each for the misdemeanor.

In rural China the custom of asking a wedding motorcade for money is common amongst relatives and friends.

The police have called the trio’s actions as “corruption” of the tradition.

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