16yo Boy Killed By Falling Rock At River With Pals

Story By: Amanda MoralesSub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News


A 16-year-old boy has died while enjoying the day with pals on the banks of a river when a rock fell off a nearby mountain.

The group of teens was spending the day at Palo Maria River near the city of Puerto Vallarta in the Mexican state of Jalisco when tragedy struck.

According to local media, a landslip at the Cascadas Palo Maria resulted in the death of 16-year-old Brian Alison Flores Rodriguez and an injury to his friend Carlos, 16.

Heavy rain had fallen in the morning and the earth had been softened when the group arrived by the riverside at around midday.

The emergency services were alerted to the incident at 12.55pm and Civil Guard officers and Red Cross paramedics were sent to the scene.


Rescuers first came across Carlos, who had injured his left forearm, and he told them that his friends were waiting at the next cascade.

The rescue team found the teen victim’s body at 1.55pm, according to reports.

Two friends who were with Brian when he was killed, named as 16-year-old Omar and Kevin, who said that a rock rolled down the hill during a landslip and struck him on the head, sending his unconscious body into the river.

His friends managed to drag Brian out of the water, but he was no longer responding.

Rescuers arranged for the victim’s body to be removed from the scene and the survivor, Carlos, was treated for his arm injury.

It is unclear if the local authorities will investigate the incident.

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