Wake Mourners Fire AK-47 And M16 Assault Rifles At Wake

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment mourners fire AK-47, M16 and SIG 556 assault rifles in the air during a huge fireworks display in honour of a young man who died in a shooting.

The incident took place in the commune of La Granja in the central Chilean province of Santiago after local resident Camilo Catrillanca recently died in a suspected shooting.

According to local media, friends and family gathered on the street to pay tribute to the young man by letting off fireworks and firing guns in the air.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

Reports did not say whether the young victim was a suspected member of a criminal organisation.

M16, AK-47 and SIG 556 automatic rifles were used during the wake, according to public security adviser Sydney Houston.

In the video, dozens of people are seen filming the fireworks show with their mobile phones as crowd members sing a song in honour of Catrillanca, whose exact age has not been reported.

Meanwhile, at least two men appear to shoot firearms into the sky – one of them with what appears to be a SIG 556.

According to local media, some fireworks fell on power cables and caused a power cut in the area, while many residents were concerned about the use of guns and lack of a police presence during the incident.

Police spokesman Enrique Bassaletti said: “The police’s bulletproof vests are not able to protect against this kind of ammunition except those belonging to a special unit.

He also said that Catrillanca was possibly killed by a similar assault rifle, although autopsy results have yet to confirm this.

Local mayor Felipe Delpin said: “If we do not stop this kind of thing from happening, I cannot imagine what our country will look like in 10 or 15 years. We are facing a national crisis and we need to act.”

The investigation is ongoing.