Waitress And Hubby Given Car By Celeb Singer Beat Up Crooks Who Tried To Steal It

This is the moment a pretty waitress who was given a generous tip by a celebrity singer to buy a car takes on a pair of thieves together with her partner when they try to steal it.

The two robbers in crash helmets were given a shocking beating by her husband Fenix Oliveira, who tackled them together with his brave wife Luisa Alexandra.

The pair had tried to steal the car on the first day they took it for a test ride in Uberlandia, which is a Brazilian municipality in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais.

Speaking about the incident, brave Luisa said: “I work at a bar and one of the customers is a famous singer, and he was there with his wife and some friends when he asked me what I was saving up for.

“When I told him I was saving up for a motorbike so I could travel around with my husband, he asked me how much it would cost, and I said I was having to save BRL 16,000 [GBP 2,427].

“I was stunned at the end of it when he gave me the full amount plus a tip of BRL 1,000 [GBP 151]”

She said he told her to make sure she kept her promise and she asked him if he would mind if she spent on a car instead as it would be better for her family. He agreed.

Luisa and her husband then went out and found the car, and put it to good use when Fenix picked her up after work at 2am on Monday, 20th May, and drove her home where she was going back to collect her handbag while he stayed and admired their new purchase.

As she returned, she suddenly noticed the motorbike with the two crooks.

Foolishly, however, it appears that the crooks were not armed and when Fenix and Luisa realised the two did not have a gun, they decided to act with Luisa saying: “It’s not something I would recommend anyone else do, but I just couldn’t lose the car, I had only just gotten it, I didn’t even have any insurance.”

The two men were repeatedly beaten, with one eventually running off.

She said that Fenix was constantly telling her to run away, but even though she was wearing a long dress, she refused and actually did the opposite.

She said: “I had to help him, it was like we were playing ping-pong with them. He would hit one and I the other, and then we would switch.”

A short while later, a neighbour joined them, and they delivered an additional beating to the remaining crook, who was seen eventually getting on the bike and leaving.

The robbers not only left empty-handed, but they lost crash helmets as well, and other items were scattered on the ground as they were beaten.

She added: “We went to report it that evening, but the police station was closed, and then the next day they told us they probably wouldn’t have time to follow it up.

“I think it’s a good thing we did react because otherwise, we would never have seen the car again.”