Wailing Woman Ghost Appears In Treetop And Spooks Locals

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the spine-chilling moment a ghost-like figure local believe is the terrifying ‘Weeping Woman’ is heard as she wails loudly from a treetop leaving people too scared to leave home.

In Latin American folklore, ‘La Llorona’ (‘The Weeping Woman’) is a famous oral legend about a mother who drowned her two sons in a river before taking her own life.

She was then refused entry into Heaven until she finds her children’s lost souls, according to the myth.

Picture Credit: CEN

The legend says that ‘La Llorona’ wails and abducts children who she then drowns in the river where she killed her sons, hoping in vain that their souls will finally bring her rest.

According to frightened residents, the ghost appeared in broad daylight in a treetop in the municipality of Monitos in the northern Colombian department of Cordoba, as seen in the chilling footage.
youve their homes, according to reports.

‘KarinLopezP’ said: “After hearing about this, I had to sleep with my mum – and I haven’t even seen the video yet!”

‘7iGGO’ commented: “This is faker than the claimed innocence of Uribe (former Colombian president) or the intelligence of Ivan Duque (current president).”

‘AriasFelipez’ wrote: “These legends are used by unscrupulous people who want to buy properties at a knock-down price. If they can’t buy them cheap, La Llorona suddenly appears.”

‘Malejapatern99’ said: “Instead of scaring me, this video made me laugh. What is that woman doing up there, she is going to fall! Does she think she will find her kids in the treetop?”

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