Volcanic Eruption On Spanish La Palma Island Forces Brothel In Banana Tree Plantation To Shutdown

A popular brothel on the island of La Palma located among a plantation of banana trees has been forced to close as lava advances slowly towards it.

Six weeks after the La Palma eruptions started, over 906.3 hectares have been affected, 2,162 buildings have been destroyed, and the number of evacuated residents has already exceeded 7,000.

On Monday, ash and gases from the Cumbre Vieja volcano reportedly reached an altitude of 3,800 metres (12,467 feet).

The Las Martelas street, where the brothel is located and named after, in La Palma, Spain. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

The news site Marca said over 50 tremors has been registered in the area along with the collapse of a secondary cone at Cumbre Vieja.

The latest business to fall foul of the ongoing volcanic activity is one of the island’s most popular brothels, according to the newspaper El Mundo.

A few days ago, advancing lava flows led to the evacuation of three houses surrounded by banana trees in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane.

The Las Martelas street, where the brothel is located and named after, in La Palma, Spain. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

One of the properties is Las Martelas, one of the island’s best-known brothels and the most famous in the Aridane Valley.

One resident, name not reported, from Tajuya told local media: “The brothels have nothing to do with the image presented in the mainland or those huge premises outside Madrid, here they are something more homely.

“I don’t know if these women have a pimp or not, but here brothels look different. They are private homes among the banana trees and many men pass by when they finish work, even if it is just to have a drink.”

The eruption of the volcano in in La Palma, Spain, on 26th October. (Newsflash)

One sex worker was quoted as saying: “Sadly, the Las Martelas brothel has closed due to volcanic activity” and she called on her colleagues to move to Barlovento on the other side of the island.

Another unnamed client told reporters “you cannot imagine how busy it got here on Friday nights” and added that the Civil Guard is now controlling access to the area.

Another man said: “It was not the only brothel in the area. El Conejo Blanco was here too, but I think that one has already closed.

Lava flow sounds like ‘broken glass’ as it continues to move across open ground in La Palma, Canary Islands. (Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana/Newsflash)

“Although it was a hostess club, many of us went there with our partners because it was the only place that stayed open until 6am.

“These venues were almost like discos, but Las Martelas was special.”