Viral:15 Million Views For Cute Ducklings Police Escort

Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: AsiaWire Report;

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@sibaken_games

This is the viral moment seen almost 15 million times a pair of Japanese riot cops give a mother duck and her 10 chicks an escort through a car park.

The video was filmed outside a branch of the Lawson chain of convenience stores in Japan when the special unit of the Japanese police were spotted giving the ducks an escort.

In the video, the officers, complete in stab vests, can be using two placards with white arrows painted onto them to try and guide the line of cute ducklings and their mum through the car park.

The two officers bend down to keep the tiny ducklings moving, ushering them and their mother across the tarmac as passers-by look on.

Local media report the officers were part of the ‘kidotai’ division which are special riot police units dispatched to scenes which need strong police action to maintain citizens’ safety and public order.

The heartwarming scene has gone viral with over 14 million views online and the netizen who posted it online, ‘sibakem_games’, said the cops were showing the duck and her offspring to a stream.

The user added that the cops had even blocked off the road to ensure the ducks’ safety.

It is unclear where in Japan the scene was filmed.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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