Viral Moment Mum Throws Young Daughter Out Of Car

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@lambe_turah

This is the viral moment a mum tosses her young daughter out of the car and bangs her head with the door before pushing her into the dirt as she tries to drive off without her.

According to local media, the viral video, which has amassed over 3.2 million views on social media in just eight hours, has prompted a police investigation.

Based on the licence plates seen in the footage, police believe that the incident took place in the city of Malang in the southern Indonesian province of East Java.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the video, the headscarf-wearing girl is seen being unceremoniously dumped on the ground after her mother had pulled over to the roadside.

The youngster desperately struggles to get back into the car, but her mother keeps pushing her out. When she tries to close the door at one point, she even hits the girl in the head with it.

At one point, the mean mum is seen leaving the driver’s seat and forcibly pushing her young daughter before throwing her to the ground.

The mother then tries to shut the door on the girl, but the plucky youngster holds onto it until the woman backs down.

At the end of the clip, the mother is seen allowing her daughter back into the car.

Malang police have confirmed that they are trying to identify the two people in the footage.

Police spokesperson Ni Made Seruni Marhaeni told local media: “This incident is truly regrettable. Especially since it happened in a public space which could have a negative effect on the child.

“We are trying to identify who filmed the video and who first uploaded it on social media so we can identify the parent in the video.”