Viral Moment Huge Staffie Attacks Womans Tiny Pooch

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Video Credit: CEN/@elisabeta.badea.5

This is the moment an American Staffordshire Terrier attacks a woman’s tiny pooch as she takes it for a walk in a video that has gone viral with three million views.

As seen in the footage, the brave woman tried her best to fight off the dangerous dog on a street in the southern Romanian capital Bucharest.

In the viral video, shared by the woman’s friend Elisabeta Badea and viewed three million times, the dog owner is seen walking her Fox Terrier on the pavement.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Turcu Elena-Veronica

The pet owner, identified as Veronica Turcu, crosses the road and notices another dog off its lead running towards her pet, named Cadet.

She initially manages to lift her dog out of harm’s way, but the American Staffordshire Terrier persistently attacks and manages to lock onto the little dog’s neck.

Turcu kicks the aggressive dog and ends up on the ground, battling to separate the two canines.

Another woman appears, who reportedly claimed that she was walking the dangerous dog for a friend, and whips the animal with her lead in an attempt to make it let go of the little canine.

Several bystanders intervene and one man throws water over the aggressive dog.

At the end of the footage, the group manages to separate the two dogs and Turcu carries her injured pet from the scene.

Video Credit: CEN/Turcu Elena-Veronica

According to local media, the police have confirmed that they are aware of the incident and have launched an investigation.

However, neither the woman who was walking the American Staffordshire Terrier at the time nor the alleged owner appeared at the police station to make a statement, according to local media.

Veronica Turcu told Central European News (CEN): “Cadet is still receiving treatment. Luckily, he survived and everyone’s thoughts and prayers from all over the country are helping him to recover.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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