Viral Moment Ghost In Gym Moves Machines And Drags Muscle Man Along Floor

This is the bizarre moment a muscle man runs out of a gym in fear after machines and objects start moving by themselves at the same time as he is attacked and dragged along the floor by a seemingly supernatural force.

The incident was filmed in a gym in Colombia and the video was shared on TikTok by netizen ‘Carlos Ruiz’ where it has gone viral with 10.8 million views.

In the CCTV footage, the man, name not disclosed, is seen warming up in the gym while completely alone in the middle of the day.

While looking in the mirror, a machine behind him starts moving, apparently of its own volition, and the gym goer seems to notice but pays it no further attention.

However, he appears to freak out when an object rolls along the floor close to his feet shortly afterwards.

The man promptly gathers his bag and belongings and tries to hurry out of the gym, however, his right leg is seemingly lifted high into the air by an invisible force.

He lands hard on the floor before sliding along on his back, apparently being pulled by his foot by a menacing phantom.

At one point, his leg is lifted so high that his back leaves the floor.

The startled man sits upright, scrambles away, and ends up leaving the gym without his belongings, still lying in the middle of the floor.

In the next scene, the man is seen running downstairs and talking to a member of staff on the front desk to apparently explain that he was just attacked by a ghost.

Before the clip ends, the two men apparently look at a CCTV screen with the gym-goer pointing to something on the monitor.