Viral: Little Girl Balloon Moving Alone Spooks Netizens

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@wiredrat

This is the chilling moment a balloon shaped like a tiny girl creeps down the stairs on its own, freaking out Twitter users where it has gone viral with almost two million views.

The video was filmed by netizen ‘Wiredrat’ who is based in the central Spanish capital Madrid, and posted on Twitter where it has been viewed 1.9 million times and retweeted by over 45,000 users.

In the clip, a balloon in the shape of a little girl is seen creeping down the stairs on its own before stopping to ‘glare’ at the cameraperson.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@wiredrat

In the comments section, ‘Wiredrat’ said that the balloon belongs to a girl called Raquel, who is believed to be his daughter.

The girl has named the freaky balloon ‘Queen Bee’, but thinks that it “looks like a lost soul”.

The netizen also shared photos of the scary balloon peering around a doorway and sitting on a step.

‘Wiredrat’ quipped: “So many views of the [viral] video have left Queen Bee tired. She needs to rest for a bit.”

Netizen ‘ElSant0’ said: “For me, the problem is not that it walks down the stairs, but that turns around like a person. Scary!”

‘ILoPeralbo’ commented: “I bought one of these for my daughter once. The next day, I went into the bathroom and it was there looking at me. I almost had a heart attack, thinking there was someone in there with me.”

‘JUKspn’ wrote: “This is truly disturbing. Wait until it loses gas and starts to screech, you will run away in panic!”

Ana Lacasa

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