Viral: Kind Passerby Buys Feast For Grateful Stray Dog

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@VictorValdivi4

This is the viral moment a stray dog excitedly devours food bought for it by a kindhearted passerby before happily running down the road with a full tummy.

The incident was filmed in the city Torreon in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila and was shared on Facebook by netizen ‘Victor Valdivia’ where it is going viral with 850,000 views.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VictorValdivi4

Victor explained: “I was walking to the supermarket because I had a craving for cookies when this little dog approached me, wagging its tail and happy to see a passerby.”

He said that the stray animal appeared starving, adding: “I thought he wanted my cookies, he seemed like he needed to eat something. I could not leave with the dog having only tasted my cookies.”

Victor went back in the store and bought dog food for the stray. The video shows the moment he shows the excited pooch the Pedigree bag.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VictorValdivi4

In the clip, the dog stands on its hind legs and wags its tail at Victor, before the stray is then seen devouring the food on the ground.

After its feast, the stray dog wanders over to Victor’s feet where it lingers for a moment, as if thanking the kindhearted man, and then saunters off.

At the end of the footage, the grateful dog is seen turning back to look at Victor in the distance before running along the pavement.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VictorValdivi4

In addition to the food, Victor offered the stray some water in a bowl and said that it stayed with him until it finished its meal.

Having carried out his good deed for the day, Victor remarked: “For some strange reason, the cookies tasted nicer than normal.”

Netizens praised the kind resident, writing “that is so beautiful”, “God bless you” and “adopt him”.

Picture Credit: CEN/@VictorValdivi4

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