Viral: Gran Celebrates Bday Smoking Joint With Grandkids

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Video Credit: CEN/@Mate_Bossio

This is the viral moment a grandmother celebrates her 80th birthday by smoking what is a reportedly a cannabis cigarette with her grandchildren.

Mateo Bossi, shared the video of his unnamed grandmother wearing a tiara and a gold top standing with her family on her 80th birthday.

The elderly woman takes two tokes of a cigarette, reportedly containing cannabis, as onlookers record her and sing “happy birthday”.

She can be seen trying to walk away saying “I am going to have a wine”.

Picture Credit: CEN/@Mate_Bossio

The video was shared with the message “my grandmother celebrated being 80 years old and as a gift she smoked a joint with her grandchildren. Best grandmother” and has gone viral, with more than 1.1 million views and more than 98,900 likes.

Bossi also shared a photo of the moment with the caption “look at this relaxing face, bro, please”.

He received some criticism for his post and responded “the thing is not that she is smoking a joint but at 80 years old she could be open-minded, try new things, be happy and laugh”.

‘GabrielRn4’ commented: “Good for her birthday, but making her smoke? That is wrong”.

‘BrusLore’ added: “Pathetic, there is no need… this is how society is nowadays”.

‘Carolinabeluar1’ said: “It is officially declared that she is the queen of substances and elegance”.

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