Viral: Cyclists Save 6 Near-Dead Puppies On Roadside

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CEN/LocosxLaBike-Gustavo Magliano

This is the moment a cyclist films himself and his pals riding along with six poorly puppies tucked in their clothing after finding them abandoned by the road.

Gustavo Magliano was enjoying a bike ride with pals on a hot summer day in the municipality of Villa Mercedes in the central Argentine province of San Luis when they came across six weak and severely dehydrated puppies on the side of the road, according to local media.

The cyclists gave them water from their bike bottles and took them to the nearest town.

In the footage, Magliano is seen with one of the weak puppies under his top as he rides along the road.

He says: “I do not know who could do something like this. That person is heartless. The puppies were not able to stand up, they did not even have enough strength to bark.

CEN/LocosxLaBike-Gustavo Magliano

“I am an animal lover so I stopped and we all carried them to a shaded spot and gave them water.”

The footage is going viral on Facebook with 740,000 views and thousands of comments, many from people offering to adopt the puppies.

According to reports, the six puppies have already found adoptive families.

Local media identified the three hero cyclists as Rafael Aguilar, Luis Collado and Hugo Quiroga.

Netizen ‘Marta Liliana Gutierrez’ said: “God bless you guys, beautiful gesture of love.”

‘Claudia A Trejo’ commented: “Thanks a lot fellers, we need more people like you, God bless you.”

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