Viral: Cute Girl Cries For Help As Foot Stuck In Toilet

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This viral video with over a million views in just 12 hours shows a cute little girl crying out for help before a fireman frees her foot trapped in a toilet.

The four-year-old from the city of Zhaoqing in South China’s Guangdong Province had been trying to grab a shower head to take a bath when she is believed to have slipped on the tiles.

Members of the local fire service were called to her home at 11pm local time on 24th May and arrived to find the girl’s left leg trapped firmly in the pipe of her porcelain squat toilet.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the video, the girl hears rescuers entering her home and shouts: “Police! Help me!”

Despite there being no actual officers at the scene, the cute girl calls out to the police as firefighters work to take apart the toilet to free her.

The girl was freed in 15 minutes with her mum breathing a huge sigh of relief as her daughter’s foot emerges from the toilet unharmed.

The rescuers repeatedly ask her to be more careful next time, and the night ends with her shouting: “Thank you, Mr Policeman!”

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