Vicious Beating Of Fan By Supporters Of Same Club

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport 

Video Credit: Golders

This is the moment a Gremio fan is viciously kicked and has his head stomped on as he lies unconscious by thugs who support the same club after a match.

The images were recorded in the municipality Montenegro in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil on Sunday 1st December after Gremio’s 3-0 victory over Sao Paulo in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A.

Picture Credit: Golders

The video shows the moment several people run around a bus station as bottles and other projectiles can be seen being thrown.

A man wearing a purple shirt and black trousers is then seen squaring up to two shirtless men as one pushes him to the ground and begins to throw punches and kicks.

The shirtless hooligan continues to assault the man on the ground until landing a strike on his face which leaves him lying on the floor motionless.

After the shirtless man sees his rival is unconscious he moves on allowing the second shirtless man to start viciously beating him as he is seen repeatedly stomping on his head.

Picture Credit: Golders

A second heavy-set man then approaches them and throws a projectile at the victim only to pick it up and walk away.

The shirtless man is then seen spitting on the victim and throwing two vicious kicks in what seems to be the face and head of the unconscious Gremio supporter before walking away.

Several other people run around the lot before the second shirtless man returns to the beaten fan on the ground to kick him more only to be separated by the same man that left the victim unconscious.

The pair are seen walking away as other Gremio supporters run away however no one approaches the beaten man on the ground.

Local media report both groups involved were Gremio supporters. Authorities arrived at the scene however no arrests were made as the fans that participated in the fight had already left.

The cause of the fight is unclear, however, the fans were reportedly travelling in two separate buses on their way back from the match which may have influenced in the brawl.

Emergency responders arrived to treat the man however he was not transported to hospital reportedly at his own wishes even though “the injuries were considered serious”.

Local media report there was another victim in the incident after a man was hit with a brick on the head however he also refused to be taken to hospital.

The Montenegro Civil Police are reportedly conducting an investigation.

Gremio won the match 3-0 against Sao Paulo and are currently fifth in the Brazilian league.

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