Vengeful Spirit Of Man Murdered 36 Years Ago Demands 5 Virgins And 75 Cattle From Killers

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

Zimbabwean locals have claimed that the spirit of a businessman murdered in 1984 has possessed a villager and is demanding five virgins and 75 cattle from the families of his suspected killers.

Businessman Costa Kafikira vanished 36 years ago and his body was never found, despite extensive searches organised by the police and residents.

However, local media said that his spirit is now tired of waiting for justice, and has possessed the body of the daughter-in-law of one of the five men accused of killing him.


The woman has reportedly started wearing a shirt and tie in the same style as the missing businessman, and even talks and sounds like him, according to locals.

It is not uncommon for the subject of avenging spirits, known locally as Ngozi, to appear and demand compensation known as ‘kuripa Ngozi’ to correct an alleged injustice from the past in some Zimbabwean cultures.

The young woman possessed by the spirit, Riona Matseketsa, is the daughter-in-law of one of the accused named Tambudzwa Matseketsa.

Speaking in the voice of the avenging spirit, she said her family and the other four families of alleged killers Willard Sakupwanya, Charles Fombe, Tsakadzai Mautsi, and a person she named as Benyu needed to hand over not only 75 cows, but also five virgins.


The practice of handing over a virgin for the purposes of ‘kuripa Ngozi was recently made illegal in Zimbabwe.

Although a criminal offence, it is still practised in the country among the Shona people where it can pass unpunished because it often happens between families in rural communities.

However, the family of the man missing for 36 years has said as its illegal under Zimbabwean law to demand settlement in the form of unmarried virgins, and they would be happy with just the 75 heads of cattle.

The missing man’s nephew, identified as Paul Dzinduwa, believes the suspects, who were involved in the search 36 years ago, misled the rest of the group to prevent the discovery of the body.

He confirmed that they were not prepared to accept the virgins as part of the settlement, saying: “The spirit is demanding a virgin and 15 animals from each of the perpetrators’ families, thereby making it five girls and 75 beasts.


“We, however, stand by the laws of the land when it comes to compensation or appeasement of avenging spirits.

“We know that the appeasement of avenging spirits with girls, women or any human is outlawed. All we pray for is justice to prevail so that our uncle rests in peace. We need justice.”

The young woman’s family told local media that they have lost family members under mysterious circumstances and blamed the avenging spirit.

They believe everyone involved in his death needs to make peace with the family before other tragedies happen.

Kafirika’s son Nicholas said he was deprived of his dad’s love by the killers as he was still a boy when he went missing.

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